The Mysterious Greatwood

Author: Michael Clark


£12.99 (P&P £2.50)

Hardcover: 135 pages

Publisher: Tewin Orchard (May 2007)

ISBN-13: 978-0954950811

Dimensions: A5

An exciting story of two badger cubs in an adventure that will appeal to all ages. The author wrote the book for his own children and it has become something of a classic parody of the future countryside. The modern threats to the Green Belt make the book as relevant today as it was when it first appeared.

Several aspects of the fantasy world that The Mysterious Greatwood predicted have come true, as the pressure on the wildlife in the countryside as well as the land itself has intensified. The author anticipated a catastrophic human virus, modern theme parks with artificial animals and his ‘pinelons’ are remarkably like some modern mobile telephone masts. He invented a talking vacuum cleaner, for example, but dealt with the very serious themes with well paced, gentle humour.

Also available in Cuffley, where the book was inspired by the nearby Great Wood.

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