My Lesbos Bedroom

Author: Michael Clark


14.99 (P&P 2.00)

Softcover: 134 pages

Publisher: Tewin Orchard (June 2022)

ISBN-13: 978 0 9549508 4 2

Dimensions: 250mm x 175mm

My Lesbos Bedroom - NOW AVAILABLE.

My Lesbos Bedroom is illustrated throughout in full colour and is an exciting novel, mixing real events and fiction, based on the sketchbooks of Michelle Clark as told to Michael Clark.

There is a link to the author's first Hamish Hamilton published futuristic book that predicted what would happen after a pandemic and the story blends human relations with our interactions with animal life.

Events in Greece and the contrasting predicaments of being in a locked-down countryside are both entertaining and dramatic. The characters of animals as well as the people involved will fascinate and intrigue the reader.

Over 100 of the illustrations are in full colour and 30 original sketches feature.

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